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Let us be a Genie for your Sales or Network marketing business so you can spend less time managing your prospect and more time building your future which is what matters anyway!

Just because you are using technology does not mean it has to be complicated and that was what we strive for.

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Simple Prospect, the best CRM App for MLM is free to download and use the premium features as well for a limited time.

Task you can manage from Network Marketing (MLM CRM) Software

Simple Interface

What we strive for is that you never have to use the tutorial again! Simplicity has always been our goal.

Group / Track prospect

You will never lose your prospect again! Group prospect into different categories and Track those who said 10 months back they were not ready.

Data backup

Your kid accidentally deleted your app! No worries, we will have your data intact.

Track tasks

Track your own todo list or if you are in MLM or network marketing track your team members onboarding checklist to help them get started right.

Import Contacts via Excel or Phonebook

Import contact from your phone book to your app, Add directly from your app or import from Excel or CSV

Track events

You will be able to synchronize your calendar with the native calendar of yours from within the app and create different types of event from the app.

What else can this app do?

We listened to many many distributors from MLM industry and Sales people from many other small business and what we know is, there are few major basic things that are important for them and we just focus on that!

best free crm for network marketing

Scan Business card

Import the prospect into your App and phone book directly by Scanning the business card and place them in different bucket or pipeline!

network marketing

Notes management

Add notes for prospect in a simple way and besides we also log notes automatically for you in the background! Simple view of notes.


Export to Excel

Want to work on your desktop computer? Or want to help your team member build his first list and share it with you by email, google drive or dropbox? All things are possible.

best free crm for network marketing

Set Activity Goals

If you are in Direct selling business or Network marketing business, we also provide an option for you to track your goals.

MLM CRM App Features

List of Best Features for Prospect Tracker CRM App.

Mass Texting to Contacts

Need to send multiple contacts the same message but want to personalize it by their name? This will let you send multiple contacts the same message but personalized way.

Predefined template for text messaging

Do you get tired of writing the same long text message again and again? This will solve that problem as it will let you create unlimited numbers of template or canned message for you to use in future.


Refer more and you get your product free for a certain time frame

Network marketing - Getting started checklist for new members

On boarding checklist for your new team members if you follow a specific checklist for each new person who joins the team to get them started right.

Direct Selling - Product Order reminders for Clients

You have a list of clients but you forget to call or followup when it is time to reorder his her products? Not any more.


You have access to a dashboard which is a one stop view for you to track your goals, events , tasks and also your past events.

Download Simple Prospect Today

MLM CRM App / Software Price

You will automatically be eligible for a FREE month of Premium the moment you sign up and also get opportunity to extend your evaluation period by another month if you just refer to few people and when they also sign up!


0.00 Month
  • Contact management (limited)
  • To do List
  • Create Events
  • Import Contacts from Phone Book
  • Edit Bulk Contacts
  • Contact Notes management


5.99 Month
  • Contact management (10K)
  • To do List
  • Text message templates
  • Import contacts from Excel or CSV
  • Create Prospect category / Groups
  • Goal Setting for MLM users
  • After call events
  • Export Contacts to Excel or CSV
  • MLM - Add Products for Clients
  • MLM - Onboarding checklist for New members
  • Import Contacts from Phonebook
  • Edit Bulk Contacts
  • Contact Notes management
  • Create Events
  • Import Contacts from Phonebook

Frequently asked questions

Can i use this across multiple devices?

Yes, you can use across any IOS or Android devices with same login. Although it is optimized for mobile devices, this can also be used in the IPAD or tablet as well.

Can I Import the the data from the Older Simple Prospect manager app?

No, but there is a possible workaround.

This is NOT built as an update for the old simple prospect manager app for multiple reasons.

  1. The architecture and infrastructure of the old and new app is completely different, which makes it very complicated to migrate the data as in the old app, the data is currently saved in the users device, and we do not have any control over it.

2. We did not update the app because if we do, Will Completely lose all user's data from the old user's app.

3. Also, many users like the simplified pricing tier of the old app and the user interface, so we want to allow users to continue using the old app if they choose to.


Users can export the data from the old app from all the categories into excel.  and import it again to the new app and when you import it assign the same category name that you used before in the old app.

Is there a web version of this product?

Based on our customer discovery process, we have identified the majority of the business owner or distributors these days are more comfortable using their mobile device on the go so they don't have to go home and log things again. 

Keeping this in mind, our initial effort was a mobile first approach. Although we plan to introduce the web based version soon as well. 

My wife and I work with the same prospect list, can we work with the same prospect list using the app?

Absolutely. You just have to create a common login credentials and share it with your spouse so he or she can use in the respective device. 

Also, if you have a team and all your team members use the same common prospect pool, you can do the same thing. 

Is it free to use?

We will by default give you 21 days of trial period to evaluate the app in the premium version mode. After that it will default to the basic version unless you subscribe to premium version for 4.99 a month which is almost the price of one Cafe mocha coffee in Starbucks! Or a sample or literature that you hand out to your prospect which never comes back! 

We want to help you be effective, save time and be better organizer of your business so you never lose track of your prospect!

There are multiple CRM apps out there, why should I use you?

Our product was built with one thing in mind. YOU! 

Having a background in Sales and Direct Selling industry, we have realized that the most important thing for me while using any app is SIMPLICITY and that is what is strive for. 

Our motto has always been to make sure you do not need to use our tutorial walk through or help although we do provide in necessary circumstances. 

We don't want to overwhelm with you any features unless it is absolutely necessary!

Can I import my prospects or contacts from Facebook?

 Because of all the privacy topic, Facebook has been dealing with it has been very strict with providing access of contacts from a third party. 

However, you will be able to import the contacts using an excel file. 

Can I import my prospects or contacts from Excel or CSV?

Yes you can. You will need to make sure the excel is in a predefined template with the following columns only. 

  1. First name
  2. Last Name
  3. Cell phone
  4. Home phone
  5. Work phone
  6. Email Address
  7. Address

How do i cancel the subscription?

 Canceling the subscription is very simple. Since this app uses the native subscription feature provided by Apple, you will be able to cancel it directly from your Itunes or google profile based on your device. 


For IOS – Tap your profile icon in the App Store, then find “Manage Subscriptions” on the same screen without any additional scrolling or tapping.


Android –  Please refer to the link below.

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